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Cabo de Peñas

Spanish Tapas and Easy Entrées for Seafood Lovers

Cabo de Peñas Canned Fish

Atlantic Fish Canners since 1898

About Cabo de Peñas

Canning Heritage and Tradition

Canning Heritage and Tradition

At the heart of the Galician Rias Baixas (Northwest Spain), Cabo de Peñas works following the traditional, centuries-old heritage way of preserving fish and seafood in perfect harmony with the environment, using at the same time the most innovative technological methods in the fishing industry.

At Cabo de Peñas, fish and seafood are caught in a sustainable way, being respectful to marine resources. For instance, Cabo de Peñas Cockles from Noia (Rías Gallegas) hold the Spanish Artisan Fishing Certificate, which guarantees the cockle's origin, quality and authenticity as well as the artisan and sustainable fishing methods used to collect them.

From the Sea to Your Table

From the Sea to Your Table

Cabo de Peñas preserves maintain the original essence of their fish and seafood, from their optimum moment of capture to their careful preparation, enhancing the natural flavours with exquisite oils and traditional sauces, which are made from original recipes made exclusively for each production. Healthy, practical and safe food to enjoy the best of the Atlantic diet and genuine gastronomy.

Easy Seafood Dishes and Appetisers with Cabo de Peñas

  • Instant Mussel Stew
    April 6, 2023 Cabo de Peñas

    Instant Mussel Stew

    INGREDIENTS • 2 cans of Cabo de Peñas mussels in pickled sauce• 1 jar of cooked pinto beans• Tomato sauce• Spicy red pepper pulp• Baby broad beans• Cider• 1 clove garlic• Olive oil• Fresh dill• Salt METHOD In a pan,...

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  • Razor Clams in Pasta Nest
    April 6, 2023 Cabo de Peñas

    Razor Clams in Pasta Nest

    INGREDIENTS • 2 cans of Cabo de Peñas razor clams in brine• 1 packet pasta nests• Rosemary• Garlic salt• Extra virgin olive oil• Salt• Soy sauce METHOD Boil the pasta with water, oil and salt in a frying pan; leave...

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  • Scallops in Mushroom Cream
    April 6, 2023 Cabo de Peñas

    Scallops in Mushroom Cream

    INGREDIENTS 2 cans of Cabo de Peñas Scallops in Sauce with Olive Oil  200 g seasonal mushrooms Chicken or vegetable stock 1 leek 1 potato 2 cloves of garlic Soy milk Olive oil METHOD Wash and cut the mushrooms (boletus, regular...

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