Dr Superfoods

Dr Superfoods was one of the first Australian businesses to introduce Goji berries to mainstream Australia. These red type of berries are one of the world's healthiest as it contains the highest levels of anitoxidants and Vitamin C.

Dr Superfoods has been researching the healthiest foods in the world for more than a decade.

Gourmet World selection of Dr Superfoods products is based on confectionery healthy foods and snacks such as Vegan chocolate almonds, Chocolate coated Strawberries or Organic dried fruits.

Check out our Gourmet chocolates and treats and Gourmet World range of Dr Superfoods regularly as new items are added every month.

Roasted Almonds coated with Chocolate
Roasted Almonds Vegan Dark Chocolate Dr Superfoods 125g
Roasted Almonds Amber Chocolate
Roasted Almonds Amber Chocolate Dr Superfoods 125g
Dark Chocolate Organic Strawberries
Strawberries coated in Dark Chocolate Dr Superfoods 125g
Organic Dried Mango Dr Superfoods
Organic Dried Mango Slices Dr Superfoods 100g