Food Symphony

This is Gourmet World selection of Food Symphony Australian gourmet products.

Food Symphony is the brand of artisan food maker Kylie Padgham. With over 20 years hospitality and food experience, Kylie has worked for many large and small establishments.

Food Symphony is inspired by the tastes of customers from across Australia. Sourcing as much local produce as possible, Kylie’s handmade gourmet products range from Port Soaked Figs to dessert and savoury sauces, olives, chillies and preserved fruits. 

Using high quality ingredients and without the addition of artificial colours, flavours, emulsifiers or preservatives the result is not only outstanding quality but also an outstanding taste.

Gourmet Preserved Lemons 270g
Preserved Lemons Food Symphony 270g
Piccalilli Food Symphony 270g
Piccalilli Food Symphony 270g
Strawberry Balsamic Jam
Strawberry Jam Balsamic Food Symphony 290g
Port Soaked Figs 300g
Port Soaked Figs Food Symphony 300g
Fig & Shiraz Paste
Fig & Shiraz Grape Paste Food Symphony 140g
Chilli Pickled Cumquats 280g
Chilli Pickled Cumquats Food Symphony 280g
Australian Olives with Fennel seed & orange
Australian Olives with Fennel Seed & Orange Food Symphony 270g
Chocolate Sauce with Shiraz & Vanilla
Chocolate Sauce with Shiraz liqueur & Vanilla Food Symphony 150ml
Tamarind & Coconut Sauce
Tamarind & Coconut Sauce Food Symphony 250ml
Bushfire smoked Chilli Sauce
Bushfire Smoked Chilli Sauce with Eucalyptus Food Symphony 150g
Lime & Cardamon Chutney Food Symphony 290g
Lime & Cardamon Australian Chutney Food Symphony 290g
Strawberry sauce
Strawberry Rose Sauce with Wild Hibiscus Food Symphony 150ml
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