COVID Updates

The news about COVID-19 continues to develop in Greater Sydney. 

As essential business, Gourmet World will continue to serve you online 24/7.

We are concerned about our customers, our delivery partners and our suppliers's health and safety and we want to let you know that your parcels are safe and handled according to the advice from the local health authorities.

Our suppliers and delivery partners accomplish with the latest hygienic recommendations to avoid the Covid spread, providing contact free deliveries.

If there are some regulatory changes in the coming days and weeks that may affect our normal activity, we will take action and proceed accordingly.

At the moment, Gourmet World Foods is only working with 2 delivery partners: ARAMEX and AUSTRALIA POST. 

Both ARAMEX and AUSTRALIA POST, are monitoring the impact of the COVID-19 around the affected areas. We provide you with their links, where you can stay put with the latest updates, possible service disruptions and alerts:

Autralia Post


As the situation continues to change, we are committed to sharing updates with you at the earliest possible point with the information we have at hand.

You can also visit the NSW Health website and social media accounts for detailed information and latest Covid case locations:

NSW Health Website

NSW Health Facebook page

For any questions or concerns about Gourmet World products and services, please contact us at