Paella Recipe with Aussie Veggies and Seafood

Feb 01, 21
Paella Recipe with Aussie Veggies and Seafood

Ingredients (2 serves):

METHOD (In 6 Steps):

  1. Chop the Vegies and the Squid
  2. Add Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the Pan and Stir the Vegies and Seafood.
  3. Add the Bomba Rice included in the Carmencita Kit and Stir (without water)
  4. Add the Seasoning Sachet provided and Mix evenly.
  5. Add 750ml (3 Glasses) of water and cook over medium to high heat for 10 minutes.
  6. Reduce to Low heat and Cook until the rice has fully absorbed the liquid (10 more minutes approx.).


  • Use of direct flame is suggested. The heat should be evenly distributed under the entire base of the Paella pan.
  • Once the water has been added, Do not Stir. Leave the rice absorb all the water.

Watch this Video to learn more about the Seafood Paella with Veggies Recipe: